SCP-5552: Our Stolen Theory - 奪われし理論 (6)


Item #: SCP-5552
アイテム番号: SCP-5552

Object Class: Euclid
オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Research is to continue into the stabilization of SCP-5552 affected particles.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-5552の被影響粒子の安定化に関する研究が継続されます。

Description: SCP-5552 refers to the Order of a particle. Order is a measurement of how well the position, velocity and rotation of a particle can be predicted given the state of the universe at the time of the Big Bang. Since the state of any individual particle is influenced by its collisions with nearby particles, the introduction of low Order particles will result in the lowering of the Order of the entire system.
説明: SCP-5552は粒子の位階です。位階とは、ビッグバンが起こった時点での宇宙の状態から、粒子の位置、速度、回転がどの程度予測できるかを示す指標です。個々の粒子は近傍の粒子との衝突による影響を被るため、位階の低い粒子の侵入は、系全体の位階の低下を齎します。

Macro-structures with Order below a certain threshhold will lose temporal stability. This lack of stability immediately result in a breaking and rearrangement of bonds between the particles to keep them anchored in their current position and trajectory along the temporal axis. This manifests in the creation of a black-powdery substance that occupies the same space as the structure at the time of stability loss, but will collapse into a liquid-like state upon disturbance. This transformation is termed "wilting".

2018/04/16 Update: I was going to pitch this to Cindy today, but apparently her whole neighborhood wilted last night. 46 houses, 166 casualties. The Foundation is trying to play it off as a fire.
アップデート 2018/04/16: 今日こいつをシンディに投げるつもりだったが、昨夜彼女の自宅付近一帯がウィルト化しちまったようだ。46軒の家屋と、166名の犠牲者。財団はこれを火事ということで片付けるつもりだ。

I guess this means I'm in charge of the CHRONUS Project again. Although I don't want to rush it. Not this time. I keep just diving back into the past but not this time. This time I'm waiting until I know my theory works. But I think I can figure something out. There's something about this one that just feels… right.

2018/05/03 Update: I'm finally ready to start making the models. I tried running my theory by Dr. Green. He couldn't find anything immediately wrong, but then again he specializes in generalized reality-disturbances, so this isn't exactly his field. In fact, I don't think there's anyone here who specialized in this field. Well, Cindy used to.
アップデート 2018/05/03: モデルの作成に取り掛かる準備がようやく整った。俺の理論をどう思うか、グリーン博士に意見を求めてみた。彼はすぐには何の問題も見つけられなかったが、そうは言っても彼は一般化現実性障害の専門家だから、厳密には畑違いなのだ。事実、この分野に精通する者が居るとは思えない。まあ、かつてはシンディがそうだったが。

Either way, I'm ready to start putting together the models. If there's somewhere that my theories fall apart, it's here.

2018/06/18 Update: The northern wing of Site-72 wilted today. Luckily none of my equipment was stored there, but they're moving everyone to Site-53 anyways. They gave me the same office as last time too.
アップデート 2018/06/18: 今日、サイト-72の北棟がウィルト化した。幸運ながらあそこには俺の備品は何も置いていなかったが、ともかく上は皆をサイト-53に異動させることにした。前回と同じオフィスが俺に与えられた。

I'm going to start building the BTTD now. I don't want to be screwed when this place also wilts.

2018/07/23 Update: I haven't made any progress. Fucking nothing. This modeling software Cindy used is so damn confusing. Every time I get past one error message it throws another at me. Or I learn that I had the equations wrong.
アップデート 2018/07/23: 何の成果も得られていない。全く何一つ。シンディが使っていたモデル作成ソフトは意味が分からないほど複雑だ。エラーメッセージを1つ乗り越える度に、別のエラーが俺に投げかけられる。さもなくば、方程式が間違っていることを知る羽目になる。

2018/09/02 Update: I'd been thinking about this for a while and… I don't know why I haven't wilted yet. In fact I don't know how I don't wilt the moment I activate the time machine. Everything around me seems to collapse but I'm fine. Why am I fine? I shouldn't be fine.
アップデート 2018/09/02: ここ暫くずっと考えていたが…、何故まだウィルト化せずに済んでいるのか分からない。実際、タイムマシンを起動した瞬間に俺がウィルト化していない道理は何なのか、分からない。俺の周りは何もかもが崩れているように見受けられるが、俺は無事だ。何故無事なんだ?無事でいられる筈がない。

Maybe the models will give me some insight. I got Dr. Green to help me make the model run. Now all I have to do is play with the parameters until I get a lock on what makes this theory tick.

2018/09/26 Update: I don't know how Cindy ever did this. There's so many constants. So many variables to tune. I've looked back at her notes and they make no sense. She eliminates so many possibilities so quickly. Like there's some sort of an art to this that I can never grasp or understand. She was so good at this.
アップデート 2018/09/26: シンディは今までどうやってこんなことをやってのけていたんだ。定数が多すぎる。調整すべき変数が多すぎる。彼女のメモを見返しているが、意味不明だ。彼女は膨大な量の可能性をあっという間に排除してしまう。まるである種の芸術のように、俺には全く核心も掴めず理解もできない。彼女には天賦の才があったんだ。

2018/10/08 Update: I think I know why I'm stable… there's only been one variable changing between each iteration. It's me. Which would imply that I should be the one wilting. I should be the one crumbling, destablilizing, collapsing into a puddle of particles. But, what if my order from previous jumps carries over? What if I'm being held together by the order from my original timeline?
アップデート 2018/10/08: 何故俺が安定しているのか分かった気がする…。反復の度に変化している変数はたった一つだったんだ。俺だ。これは俺がウィルト化する筈だったことを意味する。俺は粉々に、不安定化し、粒子の泥濘へと崩壊する筈だった。でも、もし俺の位階が毎回、前の航行から引き継がれていたとしたら?俺が当初の時間軸の位階に保たれ続けているんだとしたら?

But then if everything in any given timeline should have stable order, and I have stable order then… the wilting must be coming from me. I'm destabilizing the timeline here. Which is dumb now that I write it out. Of course it was all me. Of course this is all my fault. Of course I'm the reason Cindy turns into a pile of fucking ashes every time I try to fix everything.

2018/12/01 Update: Screw it. I can't get the models to work. They finished the BTTD yesterday so I'm going back in time and getting Cindy to do it. Then we'll be able to fix everything. I just need her help.
アップデート 2018/12/01: 畜生め。俺じゃモデルを形にできない。BTTDが昨日完成したから、時間を遡ってシンディにこれをやって貰おうと思う。それで全てをリセットできる筈だ。彼女の助けが必要なんだ。

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