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特別収容プロトコル: ユリウス暦における各月一日の天文薄明を基準とした日中、SCP-2766は is to be supplied with a constant flow of water measuring no less than 一時間あたり4500万リットルに及ぶ大量の ; a series of channels diverting water from the nearby Aniene river to the entrance of SCP-2766 has been constructed for this purpose. During this period, SCP-2766 is to be drained into the pipeline at its outlet; its products are filtered, diluted and then released into the Aniene at a Foundation facility in the San Lorenzo hydroelectric dam.

説明: SCP-2766 is a section of aqueduct tunnel, およそ180m long1, near the source of the クラウディア水道, an ancient Roman aqueduct which brought wアーテル from springs at Sublacensis (modern Subiaco) to the city of Rome. When wアーテル passes through SCP-2766, it is transmuted into an equivalent volume of a mixture of wine and another liquid. The liquid produced varies by the month of theユリウス暦; see Table 2766-1.

Table 2766-1: 月ごとのSCP-2766 Products
Product Notes
1月 河川の水; 水は近現代の工業汚染をうけていないものの、それ以外の全部分においてローマ付近でのティベル川の粒子組成と一致する。 ローマ時代、1月1日は境界と戸口、橋の神であるヤーヌスの祭日として祝われていた。
2月 人間の汗と組成が似た、塩と無機質の水溶液。 ローマの清めの祭りであるフェブルア祭は2月に行われ、汗や熱と強く結びつけられていた。
3月 人間の血液; DNA解析によれば analysis indicates that blood comes from a number of individuals, both male and female. 3月1日は戦いの神マールスの祭日だった。
4月 Wine is mixed with pomegranate juice, considered an aphrodisiac by the Romans, and spiced with an unidentified herb (possibly Silphium, a now-extinct variety of fennel used by the Romans as a seasoning and a contraceptive). 4月1日はdesireの女神ウェヌスの祭日として祝われた。
5月 多数の女性の経血。 5月1日は豊穣の女神にして女性の守護神ボナ・デアの祭日として祝われた。
6月 二頭の異なる牝牛の血液 その祭日が6月1日にあたるユノーへは、伝統的に1組の牛が捧げられた。
7月 単一の男性の血液。 DNA解析によると7月と8月に生じる血液には密接な親族関係が見られる。; it is currently hypothesized that during these months SCP-2766 produces the blood ofユリウス・カエサルとその大甥アウグストゥスの血液を, for whom these months were named.
8月 単一の男性の血液。 7月を参照。
9月 Wine produced is undiluted, and has a higher alcohol concentration than other months. The feast of Liber, a Roman wine god equated with the Greek Dionysus, took place during September.
10月 一頭の牡馬の血液。 During the month of October, the Romans celebrated the Equus October, a festival culminating in the sacrifice of a horse to Mars.
11月 河川の水; particulate composition matches the フィラエナイル川 near Philae. Philae was an important cult center of Isis in antiquity; the festival of Isis, first introduced under Caligula, was celebrated in Rome on November 1st.
12月 Wine is sweetened with honey and spiced with a blend of black pepper, saffron, and fennel. This mixture was known as conditum paradoxum2, and was a popular winter beverage in ancient Rome, associated with the Saturnalia solstice festival which occurred in December.

If SCP-2766 is not supplied with a sufficient amount of wアーテル3 during daylight hours on the first day of each month, it will begin to produce whatever wine mixture would normally be produced that month at a flow rate of approximately 7.5 million liters per hour, the rate at which wアーテル flowed through the Aqua Claudia while it was operational; the liquid pours from niches in the walls originally used to hold oil lamps during the tunnel's construction, and from holes and cracks in the hydraulic cement along the floor and walls. This flow will continue until the last day of that month, at which point the flow rate will gradually decrease over the course of the day, coming to a stop at dusk.

The section of the Aqua Claudia which includes SCP-2766 was built in 38 CE under the emperor Caligula, and the remainder of the aqueduct was completed in 52 CE by his successor Claudius; 10 years after its completion, due to SCP-2766's effects, the Aqua Claudia was abandoned. In 70 CE, under the emperor Vespasian, containment of SCP-2766 was established by the Praetorian Office of Secret Wisdom4 and a secondary channel of the Aqua Claudia bypassing SCP-2766 was created; after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, SCP-2766 was uncontained until the Vatican Holy Office of Secrets and Prophecy reestablished containment in 786 CE.

回収された文書2766-1: Dedicatory Inscriptions, SCP-2766 Repair Access Tunnel
ラテン語、共通紀元39年ごろ。 From the records of the Vatican Holy Office of Secrets and Prophecy. Trans. Sebastian Miller, 1957.

ガイウス・ユリウス・カエサル・アウグストゥス・ゲルマニクス5, ティベリウスの子, ポンティフェクス・マクシムス6, 執政官5回, in his third year as emperor, father of his country, saw to it that the Curtian and Caerulean wアーテルs7 be brought into the City of Rome.

マニウス・クリウス・アーテル、Superintendent of Secrets8, by decree of the Divine Caius, the New Sun9, saw to it that the Curtian and Caerulean wアーテルs be transformed, so the baths and fountains of Rome might run with whatever is most pleasing to the emperor and the gods.

回収された文書 2766-2: Cura Praetoria Sapientae Occultae Record of Containment for the "Aqua Caligula"
Latin, circa 70 CE. From the records of the Vatican Holy Office of Secrets and Prophecy. Trans. Sebastian Miller, 1957.

In the second year of the imperium of ティトゥス・フラウィウス・カエサル・ウェスパシアヌス・アウグストゥス10, the Praetorians were sent to investigate rumors of the Anio11 running with blood and wine. Arriving at Sublacensis, it was found by Prefect of Hidden Wisdom Caeso Iccius Candidus that a part of the Aqua Claudia, which had been closed on account of it producing fouled wアーテルs and had been diverted into the Cloaca Maxima to aid in the cleansing of sewage, had collapsed in an earthquake, and was now pouring out blood and wine into the Anio.

And with the matter having been investigated further, it was learned that the spirits bound to the aqueduct by マニウス・クリウス・アーテル, Curator Arcanorum for the emperor Caligula, so that the emperor might have his fountains pour forth whatever might be appropriate for the holiday, had become confused by this destruction, and were already angered by their long lack of employment in the task set forth for them by アーテル (for the Divine Claudius had not known of the miraculous properties of his aqueduct, and so had not used the powers of the spirits). And in their anger, these spirits had decided that they would pour forth whatever would be most fitting for the whole of the month, unless during the Kalends12 they were well-employed for the whole of the day.

And with these things learned by the augurs and haruspices13, the Prefect decided that for the whole of the Kalends of every month the spirits would be given their employment, so the Anio might run clean for the rest.


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