SCP-3585 - Wondertainment's Murder Mystery Mates / ワンダーテインメント博士のマーダーミステリーのなかまたち


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Item #: SCP-3585
アイテム番号: SCP-3585

Object Class: Safe
オブジェクトクラス: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-3585 is stored in a separate standard item containment locker. Each locker is to be equipped with a basic motion tracking camera. If movement above two meters is detected within a thirty day period a Ventura Event will be initiated by Foundation personnel.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-3585の各実例は隔離標準物品収容ロッカーに保管されます。各ロッカーには簡易モーショントラッキングカメラが取り付けられます。30日間で2m以上の移動が検知された場合、財団職員によりベンチュラ・イベントが開始されます。

All suggested testing of SCP-3585 must be approved by two Level 3 personnel. Any banned materials included in suggested testing materials will result in immediate denial. The list of banned materials is found in document 3585-291.

Description: SCP-3585 is a set of nine, thirty-four centimeter tall, plush toys depicting slightly exaggerated representations of various animals. Animals represented by SCP-3585 consist of:
説明: SCP-3585は少し誇張表現された様々な動物をかたどった9体のぬいぐるみで、高さは34cmです。SCP-3585のモチーフとなっている動物は以下の通りです。

  • SCP-3585-A a fennec fox
  • SCP-3585-B an American bullfrog
  • SCP-3585-C a striped skunk
  • SCP-3585-D a white tailed deer
  • SCP-3585-E a tiger
  • SCP-3585-F a long eared Hedgehog
  • SCP-3585-G a common potoo
  • SCP-3585-H a red legged sun squirrel
  • SCP-3585-I a red legged sun squirrel
  • SCP-3585-A フェネックギツネ
  • SCP-3585-B ウシガエル
  • SCP-3585-C シマスカンク
  • SCP-3585-D オジロジカ
  • SCP-3585-E トラ
  • SCP-3585-F オオミミハリネズミ
  • SCP-3585-G ハイイロタチヨタカ
  • SCP-3585-H アカアシタイヨウリス
  • SCP-3585-I アカアシタイヨウリス

Each SCP-3585 has an attached tag reading on one side as follows:

ワンダーテインメント博士® の マーダーミステリーのなかまたち©

On the reverse side the tag reads as follows:

ポリエステル繊維 & プラスチックペレット

When located in the same room all instances of SCP-3585 become both fully sapient and capable of independent motion. Once in this state SCP-3585-D will approach human individuals in the room, and vocalize an offer to begin a Ventura event. The process through which SCP-3585-D makes this vocalization is currently unknown. If all human subjects refuse, all instances of SCP-3585 will return to an inactive state. If a human subject accepts, SCP-3585-D instances will ask that all humans leave the room.

Upon the room being evacuated by all entities except for SCP-3585 instances, the SCP-3585 instances will use all materials available in the room to construct a representation of a murder crime scene. The process by which the SCP-3585 instances manipulate the materials is currently unknown. A seemingly random SCP-3585 instance shall be used as the murder victim in question. This instance has never been documented to be SCP-3585-D. In 5% of all Ventura Events, these crime scenes have matched a documented murder case. Once the scene has been created1 the human individuals who agreed to participate in the Ventura Event will be invited back into the room.

Once the room contains all individuals who agreed to participate in the Ventura Event SCP-3585-D will explain the rules of the Ventura Event.3 The individuals will then be given ten hours to decide which SCP-3585 instance is playing the part of the murderer.

If the proper SCP-3585 instance is guessed by the end of the ten hours SCP-3585-D will vocalize congratulations on a job well done, and give them a plastic novelty sheriff's badge. If the proper SCP-3585 instance was not chosen as the murderer all instances will deactivate without vocalization. At the end of the Ventura Event all damaged SCP-3585 instances will revert to the state they were in before activation.

Addendum: The following is a sample of past testing on Ventura Events.
補遺: 以下は過去に行われたベンチュラ・イベントの実験例です。

Date: 6/29/10
日付: 2010/6/29

Room: Standard testing chamber.
部屋: 標準実験チャンバー

Participants: D-31937 (Male, 27)
参加者: D-31937 (男性、27歳)

Materials Provided: None
与えられた材料: なし

Brief Overview of Resulting Ventura Event: While D-31937 was waiting outside of the testing chamber, SCP-3585 instances stood in a circle for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes SCP-3585-C fell to the ground, and the rest of the SCP-3585 instances excluding SCP-3585-D began to move around the fallen SCP-3585-C simulating panic. SCP-3585-D moved to the door to the testing chamber, and knocked against the door three times while vocalizing the words 'We're done.'
発生したベンチュラ・イベントの概要: D-31937が実験チャンバーの外で待機している間、SCP-3585実例は5分間輪になって立っていた。5分後、SCP-3585-Cは地面に倒れ、SCP-3585-Dを含む残りのSCP-3585実例は倒れたSCP-3585-Cの周りをパニックになっているかのように動き回り始めた。SCP-3585-Dが実験チャンバーのドアの方へと移動し、"終わったよ"と発話しながら3回ドアをノックした。

Upon entering the chamber D-31937 was given an explanation of the rules. He was told that he had ten hours to find out which SCP-3585 instance had killed SCP-3585-C. He was informed that everyone in the room would cooperate as long as the information being asked for didn't give them away as being a possible suspect, but all of them would have clear signs of when they were trying to deceive D-31937.

D-31937 started by questioning SCP-3585-D. He was told that SCP-3585-C had been walking home the night prior with SCP-3585-A, and that SCP-3585-D had no information beyond that. Upon questioning SCP-3585-A, D-31937 was given the information that SCP-3585-C had been attacked by a dark and green being while they were walking home, and passing by the river. During this conversation SCP-3585-A had its ears placed over the plastic representing its eyes, and was letting out occasional sobbing sounds. This behavior ceased at the end of questioning.

After examining SCP-3585-C for approximately four minutes, D-31937 noticed that SCP-3585-C was as he described it 'unusually wet'. At the thirty minute mark, D-31937 declared that he believed the murderer to be SCP-3585-B. After this declaration all SCP-3585 instances fell to the ground with no vocalization.

Additional notes: Test was to see what would happen if the SCP-3585 instances were not given any materials to work with.
追記: この実験は、SCP-3585実例に使用できる材料を何も与えなかった場合に何が起こるのか確認するために実施されたものである。

Date: 8/24/10
日付: 2010/8/24

Room: Standard testing chamber.
部屋: 標準実験チャンバー

Participants: D-93482 (Female, 36)
参加者: D-93482 (女性、36歳)

Materials Provided: Twenty-two wooden planks, a box of forty nails, and two hammers.
与えられた材料: 板材22枚、釘40本が入った箱1つ、ハンマー2つ

Brief Overview of Resulting Ventura Event: SCP-3585 instances stand in a circle for five minutes. At the end of the five minutes SCP-3585-A, SCP-3585-B, and SCP-3585-G began construction of a small wooden structure similar in design to a style house. The other instances of SCP-3585 remained away from the building area, and began to vocalize sounds of heavy construction equipment.
発生したベンチュラ・イベントの概要: SCP-3585実例は5分間輪になって立っていた。5分後、SCP-3585-AとSCP-3585-B、SCP-3585-Gは家に似たデザインの小さな木造建築物を建設し始めた。他のSCP-3585実例は建築物から離れたまま、建設重機の音を発声し始めた。

The building was completed lacking a front wall, and the excess materials were put to the side of the structure. Inside of the structure SCP-3585-G had been nailed to an interior wall in a way resembling crucifixion.

At this point SCP-3585-D once again moved to the door, and repeated its previous behavioral patterns signifying that the Ventura Event was ready for participants. The rules were the same as the previous tests. D-93482 entered into the room, and began to examine the built structure. D-92482 seemed discouraged upon noticing the state that SCP-3585-G was currently in, and asked for the game to stop.

SCP-3585-G pulled itself out of the wall, and upon hitting the ground ended its activation along side all other SCP-3585 instances. The damage SCP-3585-G received due to the crucifixion was missing when it was examined after the test.

Additional Notes: Test was to demonstrate the building capabilities of SCP-3585 instances. D-93482 was disciplined for ending the testing early without approval. First example of a Ventura Event ending before a guess was made as to which SCP-3585 instance the murderer was.
追記: この実験により、SCP-3585実例の建築能力が示された。D-93482は許可なく実験を早期に終了させたため、懲戒処分を受けた。どのSCP-3585実例が犯人であるかが推測される前にベンチュラ・イベントが終了した最初の例。

Date: 11/29/10
日付: 2010/11/29

Room: Standard testing chamber
部屋: 標準実験チャンバー

Participants: D-97921 (Male, 54, Previously employed as a detective.)
参加者: D-97921 (男性、54歳、以前探偵として雇用されていた)

Materials Provided: Paper, a clipboard, twenty wooden planks, box of nails, two golden plated watches, one ceremonial knife, a bottle of spring water, and three day old fresh bread.
与えられた材料: 紙、クリップボード1つ、板材20枚、釘の入った箱、金メッキされた腕時計2つ、儀式用ナイフ1つ、湧き水1瓶、焼けてから3日経過したパン

Brief Overview of Resulting Ventura Event: Upon entering the room to begin the Ventura Event D-97921 was approached by SCP-3585-D. Instead of the normal vocalization SCP-3585-D gave D-97921 the plastic novelty sheriff badge given to individuals who correctly guessed during an Ventura Event. SCP-3585-D then congratulated D-97921 on a job well done, and fell to the ground in a pattern identical to the response given upon correct guess during an Ventura Event.
発生したベンチュラ・イベントの概要: ベンチュラ・イベントを始めるために部屋に入ると、SCP-3585-DはD-97921に接近した。SCP-3585-Dは通常の発話の代わりに、ベンチュラ・イベントにおいて正しく推理を行った人物に贈られるプラスチックでできた保安官バッジの進呈品をD-97921に渡した。SCP-3585-Dはその後、ベンチュラ・イベントにおいて正しく推理を行った場合の反応と完全に同一のパターンに沿って、D-97921の見事な推理に対して祝いの言葉を述べて地面に倒れた。

Additional Notes: All tests done with personnel who previously had a background in law enforcement have ended in this manner, suggesting that nothing more can be gained from testing individuals with this type of background in conjunction with SCP-3585.
追記: 法執行機関に勤めていた経歴のある職員による実験は全てこのような結果に終わっているため、この種の経歴をもつ人物とSCP-3585を組み合わせる実験からはこれ以上何も得られないと推測されている。


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