出典: SCP-4157
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作成日(EN): 2018/12/14
SCP-4157 - 犬欲しい
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Photo copy of an SCP-4157-1 instance. Phone number has been expunged to avoid further incidents. SCP-4157-1の写真複写1。電話番号はこれ以上のインシデントを避けるために削除された。

アイテム番号: SCP-4157

オブジェクトクラス: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-4157-1 found in the public are to be confiscated and disposed of via incineration. If a civilian contacts the number listed on SCP-4157-1, all individual(s) are to be removed from the caller's place of residence under a feasible cover story based on the location of the incident. This is to occur until the SCP-4157-2 instance following the call manifests. Once the instance of SCP-4157-2 manifests, the agents are to dispatch and/or collect the SCP-4157-2 instance.

特別収容プロトコル: 公衆で発見されたSCP-4157-1は押収され、焼却処分されます。民間人がSCP-4157-1に掲載されている番号に連絡を取った場合、インシデント場所に基づいた実現可能なカバーストーリーを用いてその住居から全住民を退去させます。この処置は通話後にSCP-4157-2個体が出現するまで続けてください。SCP-4157-2個体が出現した場合は、エージェントがSCP-4157-2個体を処分および/もしくは収集します。

The body of the SCP-4157-2 instance is then to be disposed of along with any other objects found within its originating box. Individuals affected or injured by an SCP-4157-2 instance are to be treated and given Class-A Amnestics, with damaged property being replaced if possible. Current investigations into GOI-4998 are underway, although tracking of the number on SCP-4157-1 yields no results to viable locations for GOI-4998.


Description: SCP-4157 is the instantaneous creation and placement of paper flyers with the phrase "WANT DOG GET FREE DOG HERE [sic] (███)-███-████" printed onto them, hereafter referred to as SCP-4157-1. SCP-4157 events have only been shown to occur in North America, with SCP-4157-1 instances only appearing in areas and at times where no video surveillance and/or human viewing is currently present. Individuals contacting the number listed on SCP-4157-1 will be answered by the voice of an unidentified male speaking in broken English, hereafter referred as POI-4998. POI-4988 will proceed to ask the caller a series of unusual and seemingly arbitrary questions the specifics of which vary between calls. These questions seemingly have no effect on any events that follow, and once these questions are answered, POI-4998 will stop the call abruptly.

説明: SCP-4157は "WANT DOG GET FREE DOG HERE [原文ママ] (███)-███-████" と印刷されたチラシ (以下SCP-4157-1と指定) の瞬時の作成および配置です。SCP-4157イベントは北アメリカでのみ発生が確認されており、SCP-4157-1はその時点で監視カメラおよび/もしくは人間が見ていない場所にのみ出現します。 SCP-4157-1に掲載されている番号に連絡を取った人物は、片言の英語で話す正体不明の男性 (以下POI-4998と指定) の声で応答されます。POI-4998はその後、発信者に不自然かつ無作為と思われる一連の質問をします。質問は通話毎に詳細が異なり、恐らくはその後のイベントに影響を及ぼしません。質問に全て回答すると、POI-4998は唐突に通話を切ります。

After approximately 11 business days from the original contact, the individual will receive a package at their current location of residence in the form of an unremarkable cardboard box of varying size. The only identifying information found on the box is a sticker displaying the logo for GOI-4998 "MAKE WISH FOUNDATON [sic]"2. Inside said box are several non-anomalous pet toys and blankets, and an organism bearing genetic and physical similarities to various canid species, designated SCP-4157-2.

最初の連絡から約11営業日後、上記人物はその時点の居住地で、様々なサイズの通常のダンボール箱という形式で荷物を受け取ります。箱に唯一確認される識別情報は、GOI-4998 "メイク・ウィッシュ財旦 [原文ママ]"3のロゴを示すステッカーです。この箱の中には数点の非異常性のペット用玩具や毛布の他に、様々なイヌ科の種と遺伝的、身体的に類似する生物 (SCP-4157-2と指定) が入っています。

SCP-4157-2 instances are hairless quadrupeds, with inconsistently placed and mostly nonfunctional limbs and facial features. Most SCP-4157-2 instances are hostile and uncoordinated, but do not survive for long periods of time after their initial appearance due to all recorded specimens showing some degree of distortion of organ, muscle, and bone structure, resulting in major organ failure within the first day of manifestation in 85.6% of SCP-4157-2 instances. 44.7% of the previous percentage are SCP-4157-2 instances that are deceased upon arrival to the individual's household.


Addendum 4157-1: The following transcript is of an organized call with Researcher Charlotte Mehr and POI-4998 via the number located on SCP-4157-1.

補遺4157-1: 以下は、SCP-4157-1に記載されている番号を介したシャーロット・メヘル研究員とPOI-4998との組織的通話を転写したものです。

Addendum 4157-2: Upon the arrival of the subsequent SCP-4157-2 instance following the events of Addendum 4157-1, a standard VHS tape was included with SCP-4157-2. The contents of which can be found transcribed below.

補遺4157-2: 補遺4157-1でのイベントの後に到着したSCP-4157-2個体には、標準的なVHSテープが同梱されていました。テープの内容は以下の転写から確認できます。


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