概要: Imaginanimal(イマジナニマル)は、知性を持つ「動物の概念」による不特定規模の形而上集合です。組織としての体系は成しておらず、複数の当該実例から得られた情報からこの名称は外部呼称に由来する分類名であることが判明しています。







Overview: The Imaginanimal is an intelligent metaphysical aggregate of "conceptions of animals" which is an unspecified scale and has no systematic organization. The information obtained from several applicable cases indicates that the name "Imaginanimal" is a classification name derived from an external designation.

Each existence that makes up the Imaginanimal are the conceptions of "animals and characters based on animals except for humans" held by human beings and any other existential intelligence, and defined by "positive perceptions for humanity as a conceptual host and cultural neighbor" and "interferences for physical intellectual activities that use cognition by existential intelligence as an access route". There are distinctions between species and individuals, but the boundaries are far more unstable than those of physical entities.

They are a very proactive aggregate about contacting existential intelligence, and their attitude is generally friendly. However, they often show an estrangement with human values and an uncomprehending of human society. In addition, activities such as "enlightenment of the conceptions to an unspecified large number of people to stabilize the access route" and "interference for the existential side through incorporeal entity or dream entity, or others", and "contact with members of other GoIs and anomalous technology holders" are occasionally found although unsystematic, and the Imaginanimal is a risk that cannot be ignored in terms of normalcy preservation.

It is a major matter of concern for the Foundation that is very difficult to investigate their whole aspect and to actively interference with them from the existential side due to their nature. For this reason, the Foundation allocates the GoI-6636 number to the Imaginanimal. On the other hand, there are no significant tensions or conflicts between the Foundation and the Imaginanimal, and the modulability of the containment/concealment protocol through direct negotiation is comparatively high in cases where contact has been established.

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