Let's talk about today, not yesterday of regret and nostalgia.
Let's talk about today, not tomorrow of anxiety and expectation.
Let's just talk about today, now, with you.

"Well, you will understand if get used to it. The world isn't as dangerous as you think."

From "Euclid Mission" by yzkrtyzkrt

I light the polar night alone in the twilight so that people can reach the dawn.

Keep fighting until your death in the darkness. We've never been allowed to give up.

From "SCP-001-JP - The Time" by meshiochislashmeshiochislash



yzkrtyzkrt著 「Euclid任務」より



This world is too fragile. However, that isn't a reason to stop advancing.

I can't believe it. I don't want to believe it. Just the debris floating there tell me that it was true.

From "Surfacing from Site-81TH" by AMADAIAMADAI

One day, a liquid "Thanatoma" abstracting from the death has leaked outside the veil. It quickly transformed the normal society and its ethics. Some one easily escaped the reaper, other one easily backorder the reaper.

The definition of what death is and what life is begins to waver.

Death is a phenomenon. The circulation of vitality is cut off for some reason. This is the moment. It is the Thanatoma that made the moment possible to extract it.

From "Prolonging Life" by R_IIVR_IIV


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