概要: 無尽月導衆は「忍者」や「忍術」に関連して言及されることのある団体です。恐らくは、金銭を対価として諜報活動・工作活動に従事しており、しばしば財団と対立します。




Mujin-Getsudō-Shū (Mutual-aid & Lunar-guidance Ninja Association)

Overview: Mujin-Getsudō-Shū is a group that may be mentioned in relation to "ninja/shinobi" or "ninjutsu/ninpō". They are presumed to engage in intelligence and operative activities in exchange for money, often conflict with the Foundation.

The level of technology of Mujin-Getsudō-Shū and the details of the anomalies they possess are unknown. While some evidence accounts suggest that its members prefer to use traditional weapons, tools, and arts. However, there is also evidence to suggest the organizationally use of the latest technology both anomalous and normal.

It is presumed to be based in Japan but is confirmed their activities outside this country as well. Information on this GoI is lacking and the Foundation is collecting it.

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There is no shadow in the place with no light. The old shadows always seek the shining treasure.

This beautiful splendor was branded in my memory. For a moment, I certainly … certainly saw a piece of the miracle. Tell me, Sam, please. Was that grail true?

From "SCP-1927-JP - My Utmost for His Highest" by islandsmasterislandsmaster

The world had been decay, the world had been broken down. People seek along with the anomalies what would be the best way for them to live in this world and what would be the right thing to do in the world where Containing and Destruction were both mistakes.

"We never make the same mistakes. We have to coexist with our neighbors."

From "Enlightening Cloud show the Anomalies" by k-calk-cal and Hasuma_SHasuma_S

The world seen in close-up is a comedy, but that seen in longshot is a tragedy.

All the people passing by seemed to be celebrating this day with expressions of hope. Their eyes unfocused and their expressions were full of tenderness.

From "Sleepiness" by H0H0H0H0





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