INT出荷用「Dreams by Absinthe」

Absinthe unravels the secret. Whether the secret is true or false, it will be revealed in the dream by wormwood.

Dreams by Absinthe expose the boundaries between memory and record. This is both true and drunken drivel at the same time.

From a cup of alcohol poured on the outskirts of Siberia by karkaroffkarkaroff

One at a time, they vanish. Two choices that are to perform a play or walk off the stage are suffering them. Three actors and audiences meet at the crossroads. Four roads merge now, the curtain of the comedy will rise.‬

Now, something mysterious and independent has to make a tough call between disappearing unnoticed, sticking their head and being shoot through with it, or leaving their past and getting their life.

From "It has been 30 years since the Monstrous Rally Incident in Tokyō Area. Now of something mysterious." a by aisurakutoaisurakuto

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裏返った世界の中で 前編:滅んだはずの世界、その記憶の断片 by karkaroffkarkaroff

裏返った世界の中で 後編:アブサンの夢は記憶と記録の境界を暴く by karkaroffkarkaroff

デザート&スイート:その光景は夢か幻か、砂漠の果てで私は…… by karkaroffkarkaroff

タヒチアン・ゴールド:人生は穏やかな終わりの中で、夢と現を永遠に by karkaroffkarkaroff

ムーンレイカー:理由を外に求めたところで内なる確信には至らない。 by ykamikuraykamikura

SCP-107-JP: アブサンは人を永遠の酒の街に誘う。人は夢を見て街を旅行し、あらたな住人として酒に溺れる事だろう。 by karkaroffkarkaroff

#マウソロス: 我々はいつも恋人を持っている。彼女の名はノスタルジーという。by islandsmasterislandsmaster


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