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Trismegistus Translation & Transportation


Overview: Trismegistus Translation & Transportation (a.k.a. Ttt or Ttt Co.) is comprised of intelligent anomalous existences and is an organization that takes the form of a company. Most of the existences that have been confirmed as a member to date call themselves names related to myths and folklores around the world. For example, the individual serving as company president self-proclaims "Hermes" who is a Greek mythology deity, and the individual serving as vice-president self-proclaims "Thoth" who is an Egyptian mythology deity.

The businesses that have been identified so far range from "translation", "tourism", "food and beverage", "communication service", "resort", and many others, and there are estimated to be many unconfirmed businesses. These businesses are expected to have anomalous existences similar to themselves as their main customers, and they have cultural backgrounds from various regions and times. As a result, the languages used in their businesses have been identified as extinct ancient languages, rare minority languages, and liturgical languages, which are recognized as valuable linguistic research material.

This organization has a neutral or friendly attitude towards the Foundation and the human community, and to date there have been no confirmed possession or use of anomalies produced with clear hostility. On the other hand, there is a high likelihood that their anomalous businesses will be exposed to the public, and for the preservation of normalcy, the Foundation considers this organization to be an object of alarm.

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Koigarezaki Simbun


Overview: The Koigarezaki Simbun1 (恋昏崎新聞社) is a news organization that disseminates information about current events in the paranormal society. They report primarily through the medium of web news and disseminate information to an unspecified number of members of the public that should be kept confidential in the view of maintaining normality. Especially against the Foundation, reports from an adversarial view is evident, and articles involving the Foundation include fabrications and biased reporting.

Koigarezaki, where the Koigarezaki Simbun is based, is a Location of Interest designated as LoI-0850. Koigarezaki exists in a different dimension where it is unknown how to travel, and is home to many former members of several GoIs. The majority of members of the Koigarezaki Simbun are said to be former members of GoIs, too. As a result, the Koigarezaki Simbun has special connections with other GoIs and is able to produce its own anomalies using technology derived from other groups. These factors make the Foundation difficult to deter the actions of the Koigarezaki Simbun.

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Kisaragi Construction

Overview: The Kisaragi Construction (如月工務店) is mentioned by a number of anomalous buildings and related products. Although there is testimony that they describes itself as a small private construction company in the Tohoku region2, a number of unnatural examples as for-profit organizations have been identified, and the purpose of their activities is not clear.

Although they are proactive in responding to their client's requirements when producing and building, their deliverables have in many cases had unintended negative effects on the parties involved. It is unknown whether this is due to differences in values with the general public, or whether it is based on clear intentions such as intent to harm.

There are many unknown details about the activities of Kisaragi Construction, and the information has been able to obtain so far is limited. However, there are some materials and testimonies that relate to "oni" found in old Japanese traditions, and there are also many traces of magic and unusual effects that have not yet been clarified. The Foundation are currently investigating actual state of the organization, its members, and its relationship with the outside world.

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Confederate Island Countries of Phantom


Overview: The Confederate Island Countries of Phantom is a federated nation of islands that exist in the other world. The member islands existed in our world until around the 14th to the 16th century, but they made the move to the other world for reasons such as to escape the investigation and colonization by the great powers. Based on this event, the legend of the phantom island that is an island that was once described on nautical charts, but whose existence was denied by the research of later generations, was born.

In the world of the CICP, there are a group of unusual items called "relics", and especially powerful items are called with the initials of T or 丁3, and are used for the defense of the member islands. The move of the member islands is also due to relics, which are said to have been transferred from a paranormal civilization aid known as "Thule". Thule is said to have disappeared after the formation of the CICP, and no details are known to the inhabitants of the member islands.

The world of the CICP and our world are still able to come and go in multiple ways. Anomalous entities originating from the world of the CICP have also been discovered, and there have been cases of damage to the surroundings. It is unclear what the inhabitants of the member islands think of their former homeland, but depending on future developments, it has been designated as a GoI because it could become a threat.

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