INT出荷用「Sushiblade」「Foundation Collective」


Sushiblade. It is clashing of sushi's souls. Takao is a Class D personel who is aiming to be the best Sushiblader in the world and still in training. He gets caught in a whirlpool named fate, and throw himself into the battle against the Dark Sushi. Can he really defeat the Dark Sushi, and regain peace to the Sushiblade?

3, 2, 1, HEY RASSHAI!

Form "SCP-1134-JP - Explosive Nigiri Sushiblade" by bamboonbamboon

This is a shadow of the Foundation, or alternatively an unshakeable archetype. We stand in the darkness called dream, and we continue to maintain the reality by curbing chaos and abnormality scattered in the network of subconsciousness.

Nevertheless, we believe that we stand in the true sense on the reality someday, and we maintain this place.

From "Ave Maria" by amamielamamiel


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