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Sekiryu Club


Overview: The Sekiryu Club1 is a secret society which is active in Kyoto2, having been confirmed to have existed since the mid-19th century. They have a taste for human flesh, and call human flesh "Pomegranate" in connection of the tale of Kishimojin (鬼子母神)3.

There can be a maximum of 10 members in the Sekiryu Club at a time, each of the members succeed to the name of Hashidume (橋詰), Shiina (椎名), Rokkaku (六角), Hayase (早瀬), Usuki (宇宿), Tojo (東条), Funakoshi (舟越), Akitsu (秋津), Teduka (手塚), and Ukita (浮田). If a vacancy occurs due to withdraw, death, or expulsion, a new person will be invited, so same name does not mean same person.

They purpose to enjoy cannibalism and hold regular meetings. The organizational identity beyond interactions is not clear. Previously considered not to be a threat to the Foundation, however, the recent researches suggests relation to anomalies and active involvement with other GoIs, so more detailed information is required.

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Dreaming Technology

Overview: The Dreaming Technology is a group which produce and sell anomalous objects. Although the specific purpose and philosophy of the activity are currently unknown, they mainly commit to fulfill someone's wishes and future dreams. Investigation so far have confirmed that they use unknown technologies and the anomalies generated by them to realize someone's "wishes / dreams".

However, in many instances, they modify or erase something important about the subject (e.g. memory, body, close person, etc.) as a "price" to fulfill their dreams. Due to it, there are cases that the subject has a different ending to the "wishes / dreams" originally desired. The Foundation is strongly vigilant for them because some of their anomalies cause big damage to the general society.

The Dreaming Technology is mainly advertised through local newspapers and Internet advertisements, some instances are reported that they do individual sales for people with strong "wishes / dreams". Active cooperation with other GoIs has been also confirmed, but the full details are unknown. In addition, investigations are currently underway on the grounds that there was a possibility that information about the inside of the Foundation may have been obtaining in some way due to anomalous items were also detected at a front company of the Foundation in the past.

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