Class D personnel Simple Search System


Title: Class D personnel Simple Search System
Original Title: Dクラス職員簡易検索システム
Original Author: amamielamamiel
Creation Year: 2019

Translator: Nanigashi SatoNanigashi Sato
Translation Cooperator:

How to use

What is this?

This is a system to easily search for Class D personnel registered in the Foundation database according to the intended use. You can only search in the list of Class D personnel and the links from cloud computing with time and effort, but by using this system, it is possible to search for Class D personnel suitable for experimental purposes more easily, after adding conditions such as AND and OR to many elements. In addition, there are other conditions such as date of birth, age, race, nationality, occupation, family structure, affiliation, religion, medical history, criminal record, physical characteristics, special skills, identity, █████, etc. that you can narrow down, and change freely the order. The display items can also be customized, you can apply to display the full name of the Class D personnel.

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    1 results

    Registration Number Location Age Order Availability Evaluation
    1. D-4F2A09C-SUB Japan / Tokyo 32 Available Unregistered

    Do you apply for an order for a Class D personnel who hits the search? ……[Y]/N

    …… Checking the location of the subject Class D personnel. Please wait.

    Checking completed. The application for the order of a Class D personnel was carried out without any problems.

    Delivery Status Notification

    Executing falsified death: [Completed / Treated as fallen into the sea and died]

    Deleting registered social information: [Completed / Executed information operations on family, friends, colleagues, etc., too]

    Erasing memories and implanting false memories: [Completed / Given memories and identities related to counterfeit criminal records]

    Officially registering as Class D personnel: [Completed / Reclassified as D-8556]

    Delivering to designated experiment site: [Uncompleted / Soon to arrive]

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