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Title: Fusōki Hub
Original Title: 扶桑紀ハブ
Original Author: hey_kounoikehey_kounoike and collaborators
Creation Year: 2019
Link: http://ja.scp-wiki.net/fusouki

Translator: Nanigashi SatoNanigashi Sato
Translation Cooperator:

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Taishō 101, From “社頭暁”
Written by the Emperor Shōwa


This tanka2 depicts the scenery of the forest surrounding the Meiji Shrine illuminating by the light of dawn.

Fusōki(扶桑紀, Chronicle of Fusō3)

【Trilogy of the Shōwa Emperor】
- by hey_kounoikehey_kounoike

Looking up at dusk[It's untranslated]
In the day of summer — “the man” reminisces about his encounter with his wife and this details.
Trilogy, is begin.
The cage of null[It's untranslated]
“The man” who loves biology visit a certain facility with an invitation from Baron Itegiri.
The parade — Gogyō appeared[It's untranslated]
The war in his name, has finally ended.
But a dead mutters that the parade begins.
Trilogy, is concluded with this.
“Rough Sea”[It's untranslated]
- by shirasutaro-shirasutaro-
Gallows doesn't scare me a bit. This is a bridge to stand up to the enemy.
“Getting out of the ashes, again” -First Part[It's untranslated]
- by islandsmasterislandsmaster
The footsteps of the new era crush the old ones.
SCP-1942-JP - The dragon is unkillable[It's untranslated]
- by RainyRavenRainyRaven
Hiryū is still alive.
The company song of Tou-Hei Heavy Industries [It's untranslated]
- by hey_kounoikehey_kounoike
Ah, this is, productivity
The sea noise and the sailor’s song[It's untranslated]
- by hey_kounoikehey_kounoike
Ending of the war, beginning of the journey.
No.0724 - “The projector” [It's untranslated]
- by hey_kounoikehey_kounoike
It was a vague, anxiety for the future.


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