概要: 遠野妖怪保護区は同名の異空間内に存在する超常コミュニティであり、遠野市外縁の北上山地を中心に、東北地方の随所からアクセスすることが可能です。域内には一般に"妖怪"と呼称される異常実体群が居住/生息しており、人間や人間とそれらの実体群の間の混血も少数ながら存在しています。保護区が立地する異空間は"寒戸郷"とも呼ばれ、複数の神格実体とそれらを信仰する住民からなる共同体が古来より築かれていました。



Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary


Overview: The Tōno Yōkai Sanctuary (遠野妖怪保護区) is a paranormal community that exists in a different dimension with the same name where is accessible from the Kitakami Mountains on the outskirts of Tōno City and many other places in the Tōhoku region. It is inhabited by anomalous entities generally called "Yōkai", and there are also a small number of humans and mixed-blood between humans and these entities. This dimension, also known as "Samuto-no-sato (寒戸郷)", had been inhabited by a community of divine entities and their worshippers since ancient times.

Self-governance by the ward office is prevalent in the Yōkai Sanctuary, and it fits the definition of Free Port in the Foundation. The ward office has been consistently uncooperative with Normalcy Preservation Organizations, including the Foundation, since the end of World War II. The stay of government employees is restricted with few exceptions. Since its establishment, the ward office has continued to adopt a closed and isolated policy. However, since the beginning of the Heisei era, the external policy of the district has shifted to a gradual openness, which has led to an immediate concern about the inflow/outflow of anomalies through external exchanges.

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