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アイテム番号: SCP-125-DE

オブジェクトクラス: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-125-DE is not to be informed about it being contained. To ensure its continued cooperation with Foundation personell in the future, it is also let to believe that the customs and moral concepts in Europe are still those of the 12. century. Additionally, the entity is not to be coerced into raising and/or leaving SCP-125-DE-A. Should this occur regardless, it is to be lured into the area of effect of a Scranton Reality Anchor immediatly to reestablish containment.

Due to the immobility of SCP-125-DE and SCP-125-DE-A, Outpost-DE34/125 has been constructed in front of the entrance of SCP-125-DE-A. Outpost-DE34/125 is to always be staffed with at least 50 guards and to be equipped with gas and explosive weapons to defend against attacks on the site. Outpost-DE34/125 is to be contacted by othes Foundation sites using radio communication every 30 minutes and to be asked for its status. Should no answer be received from Outpost-DE34/125, a MTF unit is to be send to check on the situation and to prevent a potential takeover of the site by hostile forces.

Efforts are to be undertaken to ensure a healthy population of common ravens (Corvus corax) at least in the area of the Burgberg. Should SCP-125-DE inquire on the presence of ravens on the Burgberg, their presence is to always be affirmed.

For security reasons and to prevent the loss of valuable Foundation equipment, no Scranton Reality Anchors are allowed inside of SCP-125-DE-A.

説明: SCP-125-DEは、キフホイザー山脈1にある山城の地下の、巨大な洞窟に現在位置している、人型実体への指定です。この洞窟はその性質上、SCP-125-DE-Aと指定される洞窟の一部となっています。

SCP-125-DEは異なる宝石と十字架で装飾された赤いガウンと、黄金の王冠を着用した60歳から70歳の男性の姿をしています。SCP-125-DEの身長は410cmで、その重量は確定できませんが、およそ800kgと推測されます。オブジェクトは象牙の玉座に座っており、直径8mの大理石製のテーブルに肘を置き、頬杖をついています。その大きさに加えて、SCP-125-DEには毛髪が存在し、連続的に橙黄色に光ります。SCP-125-DE has a beard that reaches through a hole in the table down to the ground and encircles the table approximately six and a half times. SCP-125-DEは現在まで栄養の摂取が確認されておらず、従ってオブジェクトには、これらが不要であると推測されています。

収集されたデータは、SCP-125-DEがクラスIV現実改変実体であることを示唆しています。 However, it only uses its powers to prevent itself from being harmed, relocated, or further contained in some form, particularly since the Foundation began monitoring; even while using its powers, SCP-125-DE only makes a minimal effort. Hostiles are teleported away a few meters and/or disarmed and persons tasked with moving SCP-125-DE suddenly forget their tasks. Given SCP-125-DE's impaired environmental perception, it is assumed that this is an automated defense mechanism on which the entity exerts no direct influence.

SCP-125-DE seems to be half asleep at all times and reacts very slowly on its environment. It is still possible to hold conversations with it in every desired language, even if it takes very long for SCP-125-DE to formulate a response- most responses are often mumbled. SCP-125-DE claims to be Frederick I, the Holy Roman Emperor (nicknamed "Barbarossa") and states that it was imprisoned in SCP-125-DE-A3. These claims could until now not conclusively verified or dismissed.

The entity sometimes asks present personnel "if there are still ravens on the mountain". This question is always affirmed as of ██/██/████, causing SCP-125-DE to briefly sigh. At the moment, it is unknown if and how the presence of ravens in the area of Burgberg impacts SCP-125-DE, but the population of common ravens in the Kyffhäuser and Burgberg in general was put under observation as a precaution.

The the interior of SCP-125-DE-A is currently not fully explored due to its size and possibly-limitless extents. The exploration is still being conducted. However, 567 life-size granite statues of knights, soldiers, and court servants have already been discovered in the caves, though their relocation for further study was not possible due to narrow spaces in SCP-125-DE-A5. The cave system itself possess three anomalous properties; firstly, it is not possible to enter SCP-125-DE using other ways than its entrance. During attempts to burrow into the cave system from outside, the excavation crews only hit solid rock which fills out the entire space SCP-125-DE-A is supposed to occupy. Secondly, it is impossible to permanently damage SCP-125-DE-A, as any damage is repaired within seconds due to the passive effects of SCP-125-DE. Thirdly, any human entity inside of SCP-125-DE-A is shown to have intimate knowledge of the cave system from a practical standpoint, despite having never set foot in it. This third effect can be counteracted by actively focusing on reaching a different goal or area.

SCP-125-DE-A appears to have been created by the abilities demonstrated by SCP-125-DE and seems to only exist as long as it is maintained by the entity. This circumstance complicates the containment of SCP-125-DE, because it cannot be exposed to Scranton reality anchors in its current state. If such a device is transported inside SCP-125-DE-A, it immediately erases the space influenced by reality bending in its area of effect and is subsequently removed from existence together with all matter in its area of effect. The lost space is replaced instantly after this sudden disappearance.

Why SCP-125-DE claims to be imprisoned in a space created by itself is not known at this time. However, Dr. Stramm theorizes that the entity is only entrapped in SCP-125-DE-A because it believes itself to be imprisoned and activates its reality bending capabilities as a consequence.

Discovery: The Foundation learned about SCP-125-DE on 01/02/2010, when Research Team 25 completed the restoration of several documents of Section XXV9. Subsequently, an assessment team was dispatched to the stated location and enacted the first containment after locating the entrance to SCP-125-DE.

Addendum 125-DE-1: On ██/██/████ Outpost-DE34/125 was attacked by 52 entities with a strong resemblance to SCP-094-DE11. Assets of the Foundation at the scene had only anticipated human aggressors and could consequently only stall the attackers. It turned out that explosive weapons were necessary to fully neutralize the entities, because they remained able to act as long as they had at least one appendage remaining. MTF-DE6-𝔇 "Das Aufgebot" ("The Draft") was dispatched with appropriate equipment and, after 2 hours, could successfully fend off the attack. All attackers were successfully neutralized, the Foundation sustained 29 causalities and 33 wounded. During the analysis of the remains, it became apparent that all neutralized entities were marked with the logo of the GoI known as Fourth Reich. After this incident, the Special Containment Procedures were updated accordingly.

Addendum 125-DE-2: Since ██/██/████, the population of common ravens in the Kyffhäuser is subject to an increasing number of cases of parasite infection. Efforts are underway to maintain the population.














































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