SCP-6255 土曜の夜コーヒー




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Special Containment Procedures: All printed or finished physical documents contained within Site-94 are to be coated with a plastic sheet in order to protect them from SCP-6255-1's effects, while the writing of archives and files is solely allowed via terminal. Due to the environment SCP-6255 events happen in, SCP-6255 is currently self-contained.


Dr. Abbett's office prior to an SCP-6255 event.

Description: SCP-6255 is the designation given to a phenomenon that occurs within the boundaries of Site-94. SCP-6255 is believed to happen at least two times a week, although the estimated amount of weekly SCP-6255 events is currently unknown. SCP-6255's anomalous properties consist in the manifestation of an SCP-6255-1 instance in a random location within Site-94.

SCP-6255-1 instances take the form of porcelain coffee cups containing different liquids1 and a pair of legs underneath them. Following the execution of an SCP-6255 event, SCP-6255-1 instances will attempt to reach the closest personnel, incline, and pour their liquids onto their clothes or any object said personnel is carrying2 before displaying a crudely painted message on itself. This message may vary depending on the context of the event.

Once an SCP-6255-1 instance has completed its task, it will demanifest as soon as possible. As of the time of writing, 143 SCP-6255 events have been reported via surveillance since its appearance on 07/29/2021.

Addendum: The next addendum is a non-comprehensive log including several SCP-6255 events recorded during the month of September, 2021. All recordings were stored in Site-94's surveillance room.

Discovery: SCP-6255 came to the Foundation's attention on 07/29/2021 soon after an SCP-6255-1 instance manifested in Junior Researcher Joseph Faraday's workbench and poured its liquids3 onto the document Researcher Faraday was working with. Following the SCP-6255 event, the SCP-6255-1 instance spawned a note from within its interior before demanifesting:

Junior Researcher Joseph Faraday hasn't been affected by an SCP-6255 event since the anomaly's discovery.

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